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Kona Europe Marketing Manager

Kona Bicycle Company | Monaco or Europe | Other | Full-time | Close 2019-01-04

Full-time marketing manager for Europe

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Ensure both internal and external communications at Kona Europe flow effectively and efficiently
  • Help manage, facilitate and lead day to day operations in the marketing department, as well as envision and implement future directions and projects


  • Organize, facilitate and host (or co-host) press launches
  • Communicate new product, news and happenings at Kona with international press
  • Manage European press relations and product reviews
  • Facilitate and work closely with media on specific bike reviews with an emphasis on follow up and being readily available to assist. This requires extensive product knowledge and excellent communication with our product group.


  • Work with team to create and implement ad plan/budget

Social Media

  • Direct and manage all European social media communication throughout all of Kona’s channels
  • Establish overarching direction and continually grow, nurture and engage social community
  • Develop systems that ensure a consistent flow of content


  • Develop, plan and implement a structure for all European dealer newsletter communications
  • Write all European newsletter text and determine content
  • Coordinate translated content and multi-language transmissions


  • MC and host product/press launches
  • Produce translated versions of established English language documents


  • Participate in all marketing face-to-face and digital meetings

Long Term Planning

  • Participate in Kona’s long-term planning strategy as it concerns marketing/communications

Experience, Knowledge and Skillsets:

• Consumer, bicycle retailer and media relations
• Creative writing, storytelling, copy writing, blogging, social media, event hosting and public speaking
• Fluency or proficiency in French or Spanish or Italian or German languages is a preferred asset
• Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite is a preferred asset
• Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills, ability to multi-task and work with tight deadlines
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Proven problem-solving ability and sound judgment
• Extensive knowledge of Mountain, Road, Gravel, Commuter, E-Bike and Cyclocross bicycles
• Experience in dealing with sensitive designers and "artsy types"
• Experience in the tactical deployment of irreverence and sarcasm
• A good sense of humor

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